Ethos of the site

The musings, information and issues in the rapidly changing Renewables and IoT landscape as we try to move to  Net Zero,and how we can support each to ensure a Secure and Sustainable Environment.

Why the Need

Why bother with renewables and IoT System.?  Well and the world and people mature we are seeing an ever increasing changing weather as the world heats up due to manmade creation over the last 100 years. This is causing the Increase in violent and disruptive weather, causing significant effect billions around three world. We know the issues and we know how to stop. “stop burning fossil fuels“.

Regrettably the politicians around the world and the  media  outlet are mostly interested in their own wealth and political ambitions rather than what is good for the planet. Look at people like Trump, in the US or Sunak in the UK or China or India they are all in their own way not interested in the climate emergency but the political enhancement of the leaders and their political interests. Most talk as if they are interest in fixing the issues but none stand up to the change needed.

What drives me, and why am I pushing this topic. Well as I get older yes retired, I see that the future that is very grim with a world burning up and flooding that will:

  • Endanger the future of my children and grand children future to live a good life.
  • The loss of a large number of populations and their environment.
  • The wild life and environment, I so love being changed severely to create mass extinctions of species and the destruction.

All of these are upsetting and can be solved if we act to limit the burning of fossil fuels and wake up to the need for a more sustainable future in all areas of our life. Go at a slower pace,  focus less on the social media treadmill will mean life can think more and adapt to the world and make more sustainable.