Sensors & Nodes

There has been a rapid growth in sensors mainly environmental in recent years. This is due to their use in mobile phones and have focused on small size and very low power. Companies such as Bosch™ producing ranges like BMP280, BME680. In addition, there is a wide range of Temperature, Light, Proximity, Distance sensing, Air Quality etc. Most environmental items can be measured accurately, along with many types of human or animal behaviour  can be sensed.

Sensor deployment with LoRaWAN nodes have been successfully deployed in:

  • Wildlife – Detection and monitoring.
  • Person Detection – Rooms, Public areas, Remote distances.
  • Industrial & Domestic Appliance monitoring and control.
  • Metering and remote measurement.
  • Parking or object detection.
  • Environmental parameter monitoring.

The nodes used are designed to provide Low power, Long-life, and secure. They must have the ability to have firmware update and fundamentally secure in both deployment and operation. This includes secure key management encryption and hardened security modules. 

Our sister company SecureThing.UK can design and manufacture bespoke sensor nodes to meet client requirement’s.

Vaelid™ is able to offer a full system design service. This would specify and source or equipment to best implement the solutions for clients. Thus, enabling the effective collection and management of data and controls. 

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