Performance Monitoring

Operational Performance

While buying the best equipment, having the best designs and doing all the right things at purchase, can lead to many issues. Lack of ongoing maintenance and control leads to systems that are likely to fail. The scope of operations and maintenance is significant for a fraud and secure systems. Are of activity cover:

  • Site access  to the equipment and safe access to the antenna and gateway locations.
  • The antenna are secure and  have adequate lightening protection where needed to meet regulation or standards.
  • Secure location is maintained to ensure illegal access is not obtained.
  • Back-hall Internet link is not compromised and has Integrity from Gateway to external Internet connection.
  • Software at the gateway  is as designed and installed and not tampered with  for gateway Interception or Abuse.
  • Operational monitoring of the function of gateway.
  • Coverage  compliance checks, to ensure the receive and transmitted power is within design parameters
  • That power supply system or back up are secure and operational and monitored.

Vaelid has years of experience in operational network control, to ensure the system is at its best performance. This is achieved by a program of:

  • Management and checks on the Gateway systems and sites.
  • Monitoring the operational data from Sensors and Nodes.
  • Monitoring and control of the Backend systems and Applications.
  • Failure and Performance issue monitoring and correction against defined criteria with effective fault recording and reporting.

Vaelid™ is able to offer a full system design services. This would specify and source or equipment to best implement the solutions for clients. Thus enabling the effective collection and management of data and controls. 

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