Gateway & Sites

Due to the nature of the RF propagation the need for inbuilding as well as outdoor coverage is critiacal. The location of gateways is critical to the effectiveness of the communications to and from the nodes. While the current world record for communication using LoRaWAN is 766km, in Urban environment are typically 5-10 km to the gateways. This mean that antenna locations are often better in the towns on building, than on high hill tops. This is not to dissimilar to mobile cellular networks.

The key aspect in the design are:

  • Selection of the correct gateway sites to provide the correct coverage. The use of private or commercial sites or building can be acquired and project managed.
  • The secure location for the gateway’s equipment typically the size of a lunch box with a suitable power supply.
  • The provision of an internet backhauls, WiFi or direct LAN connection.
  • Software configuration of the gateway for both operational function and operations and management
  • RF prediction of the gateway and site performance
  • RF testing of the actual performance against standards and then using the actual node equipment  

Vaelid™ is able to offer a full system design services, to specify and source or produce equipment to implement the best solution for clients to enable the effective collection and management of data and controls. 

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