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Security and Fraud Risks in IoT

IoT companies often say that the systems are secure “We use AES encryptions,  and there is no fraud”. “So all is safe” .  No it is not. The design and operation is the critical part of the picture. This is often over looked. Look at the Mobile operators, they have struggled for years with the need to have a secure system that is fraud free. They have lost the battle many times. They  have regularly suffered significant levels of fraud and have had systems that were insecure or the encryption was broken.

The GSMA™ security group, has for years fort to maintain the security in the system, but was constantly on the defensive. They found that good operational control for fraud and security was vital and needed to have the relevant expertise. We know, as our director was involved in advising clients worldwide. He also participated in the security group suppling operational advice.

Security gets old, look at how often you update your computer or phone, and that still it has attacks. Billions $ are lost yearly to Security and Fraud abuse. Just thinks of the opportunities when we are not the individual at the end, monitoring the device but just a system!

Our Sister Company, SecureThings.UK™ provides a unique service that designs manufactures equipment and for Network Gateways, Nodes and Monitoring tools /Counter-Surveillance tools. Specialising in LoRaWAN IoT technology.

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