IoT World

Is it  now the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising the collection and management of data and will have a profound way on how we live, work and relate to one another due to the use of cyber-physical systems connecting Devices and Things. 

Low cost, very long life, 1000’s of low-power sensors and radio systems such as LoRaWAN are now providing a world where every “Things” around us will be able to communicate to probe and manage our world.

What are “Things”? They can be any object the has a function and supports us. Current early adoption is taking place in domestic appliance, healthcare, farming and gardens, transport, and detection of people and animals, remote equipment. While that are not high bandwidth communications, so don’t support voice or video, they have unique ability to travel over long distance at very low power, low cost, the price of a couple of coffees, and can last for years, on a single battery. This enable them to be embodied in many objects that are not connected in our current sense. 

So, who are we? With over 40 years in Telecommunications Mobile & Fixed Security, working on Design, Operations, Management to provide services to clients to deliver secure and effective projects.

We operate and manage a number of Public and Private gateways and operate unique nodes for clients.

Our sister company SecureThings.UK™ provides “Internet of Things” consultancy and provides Design and Tested Systems, along with the tools to assist organisations with Training, Counter Surveillance, Fraud and Secure management

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