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At Vaelid™ we  have  over 40 years of experience worldwide at the highest level in radio and fixed systems. We specialise in Design and Operation of systems, that ensure a highest level of Service availability, Fraud, Security control and  Countersurveillance. We help our clients with all aspect  and hence  they can focus on their business services.

Our Mission is:    Protecting Customers Services, in an “Internet of Things” world, by  Design, Deployment  and Operational Management of systems. This ensure our clients can focus their core business in the 4th Industrial  World.

Our Sister Company, SecureThings.UK™ specialises in LoRaWAN IoT technology. It provides a unique service of consultantcy, design and manufactures equipment. This coveres  Network Gateways, Nodes, Monitoring and  Counter-Surveillance tools.



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